[Technical] Conversation with Readers

One way or another, my book is going up, post by post, as I write it.

As anyone can figure by now, about two weeks after I came up with Bluehost, I’ve still got a ways to go to get used to writing and blogging at the same time.   The last three days have been great.  The bots have discovered this website!

It’s moderated — that means I get to read and approve any comment before it gets formally posted.   And that means that I’ve gotten two evenings of practice trashing comments.

Here’s the technical part.  Websites rise and fall on their “hit” numbers.  The bots count as hits, so I’m supposed to be happy with a couple dozen hits before my stuff has been posted two weeks.  Cross links count, too.  At least half of those comments were invitations to hit on their website.  Question:  Should I have marked them as SPAM, or did I do the best thing by just double deleting them?  And then emptying the trash?

It sure would be nice to see a comment from a real human being.  But I am sure that will come in time.

Cheers.  drF.



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One thought on “[Technical] Conversation with Readers”

  1. Maybe I should add an explanation about how I would decide a comment should be trashed instead of approved for posting.

    Basically, a real person will say something that is actually pertinent to the particular post they read.

    So when all I get is “hey, this is terrific stuff!” or even better “baby, your stuff is really cool,” that’s a clue. Or whoever is writing the comment just glows, saying they can tell I’ve been blogging for so long because my site is so well developed. Wow. All that for ten days?

    Or they say how great my design is. And I know for sure my design is right now black letters on a white background.

    The very best of the trashed comments sounded like a Japanese translation of somebody’s alma mater. The words were English, and meaning ended there.

    So, in short, if you want to get your comment posted, do your best to sound like a human being. Please.
    Cheers! drF.

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