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Discipline and The Rules of Engagement: What Every Parent Needs to Know about the Use of Force

17. The Shift into North Carolina’s Courts of Law

         The move from Circle Number 5 to Circle Number 6 shifted the whole incident out of the neighborhood, formally, into North Carolina’s courts of law.  That’s usually where participants in these incidents get sorted out, some for better, some for worse, but no one is left untouched by their involvement.

Not so for Gina Herring and her sons.  Not so for Zay Faggert or for Eddie Motley.  The court of public opinion, the court of social media, the court of neighborhood protest action—all those informal courts went into debate and action mode, and there you have it, Circle Number 7.

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The Rules of Engagement for the Courts of Public Opinion

1—If it bleeds, it leads.

2—If its race, make haste.

3—Avoid lawsuits, report all facts as quotes.

4—Keep the story going off line until it fits back into the news cycle.

5—Never underestimate the drawing power of 15 minutes of fame.  Everyone is entitled to as much. Remember, a camera makes you bullet proof, keep those cameras rolling.

6—There is no downside to supporting a victim.

7—A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but every picture can be improved with a passionate voice-over.

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         Journalists do exist.  The internet does give us access to information at unprecedented speed—but in order to base further decisions and further action on reality, every fact gleaned in Circle Number 7 has to be back tracked and verified, all the way back to Circle Number 1, 2, & 3, the escalation of any event through the parties that join at the time, versus  all the onlookers and responders who join as time moves forward through Circles 4, 5, 6, and 7.

                    Illustration 1.

[Sorry.  Haven’t gotten the diagram to load, yet.]

See it now?  It looks even better in color.  Add color to the diagram and the whole situation begins to reflect the murky morass of real life.

               Illustration 2.

[Sorry, haven’t gotten the diagram to load yet.]

Notice the original participants, the school age adolescents who began the fight with a chase, the original occupants of Circle Number 1?  They are gone.  Circle 1 is wiped out, gone.

What the young people thought they were doing does not matter anymore.  What is a parent to do?


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