Author’s Preface Post 13 Academic Fix 1, 2

Academic Fix #1

Rory Miller.  Notes.

“That he is willing to report back what he has learned is an act of love and social responsibility” (Steve Barnes, Forward to Meditations on Violence, p, viii).

“I am selling something, a product called “not getting your ass beat” which is very hard to sell to some people” (p. xv).

“I’ve studied martial arts since 1981.  I’ve been a correctional officer since 1991.  As of this writing that’s fourteen years, twelve of them concentrated in Maximum Security and Booking…. CERT (Corrections Emergency Response Team) has been a huge force in my life and career (p. xvi).

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 Academic Fix #2

Marc “Animal” MacYoung.  Notes.

“The difference between theory and practice is in theory there is no difference” (from MacYoung’s review printed before the title page of Rory Miller’s book Meditations on Violence, 2008).

“Where things get really complicated is that there is NO ONE simplistic strategy that you can use in every situation. What works to resolve a conflict with one person will provoke another into attacking. You may think what you’re doing will scare him away, but often you’re actually pouring gasoline onto the fire. Knowing when to do what and when NOT to do that are another reason why things get complicated. Personal safety is less about punching and kicking and more about people skills” (Why is Crime Simpler…? No Nonsense Self Defense).


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